Sacred Water

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  Sacred Water
is a multifaceted exploration of our most precious resource as we emerge into an era where humanity's survival heavily relies on us collectively deepening our relationship toward one another.  Water may serve to conduct the spiritual renaissance of our global culture; or serve, through lack, as an agent of its demise; or in some mysterious way, both.

Corwin Bell's vision is raw and polished, precisely engineered and responsive to organic process, encourages passive observation and focused activism.  In a beautifully articulated manner, the tension between the abundance of water in our experience and the ever-present fragility of our dependence upon it is exposed as the potential mid-wife of our collective rebirth.

The film element tells a story that inspires feelings of peacefulness, beauty, and universal themes of the connection between life, the feminine, and water.

Water Spirit   Essence Pool Glade Sacred Water Gateway
Artist Statement
Human beings are but a glimpse in time.  I try to capture that time frame, allowing the viewer to reestablish these momentary glimpses and recall one’s relationship with the sacred. Water is intensely challenging because it exists in so many forms. I try to create images and sensations that catch streams of thought– lost memories that glisten through our bodies. These archetypes are engraved into our subconscious through life experiences, media, and culture. I combine these subtle connections to inspire feelings that kindle an alternative collective sensitivity and evoke momentary realizations of an awakened self.

About the Project
A mixed-media installation funded by the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Denver, entitled “Sacred Water”. The exhibit includes a 30-minute Experimental film of water, as well as “Kaliyuga - The Sacred Water Movie” a music-based, 18min. live-action, blue screen, computer animated film that premiered on a 52-foot outdoor screen at the Burning Man festival 2007.

For these two films we were successful at navigating the technical challenges in creating them both by using High Definition Blue Ray with nothing more sophisticated than personal PC’s.

  The Journey to Wild Divine

About the Project

While studying at Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, Corwin Bell, realized that computer animation was a format that he could use to manifest his ideas and images that have become a part of The Journey to Wild Divine. After receiving a Masters degree in Communications, Bell moved on to work in the movie industry where he did set design and cinematography but he found that the projects were not meaningful. So Bell turned to working on children’s software, including Pagemaster for Turner Interactive and Super Safe Kids, a CD tool that teaches awareness of abduction issues in a fun, animated environment. He also became an instructor at the Art Institute of Colorado.

Upon meeting founder Kurt Smith, Bell began work on The Journey to Wild Divine in his own home, but eventually moved to what is now known as "The Studio.” Bell envisioned combining a computer program with biofeedback so that players could not only see the immediate impact of their thoughts and emotions, but also access their innate power of visualization. He designed a training program where players can actually experience states of being in such a way that they can feel authentically empowered to positively influence their world.

  The Wisdom Quest
The continuation of the Journey